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Our Brand Partners

A to Z Pure Health

A to Z Pure Health, a brand manufactured locally and exclusively for Bigvits, is part of our family-owned company rooted in the healthcare sector, which leverages our extensive experience as distributors of vitamins and supplements throughout the UK and Europe. Our commitment is to provide our customers with a range of essential, premium products of exceptional quality at a great price. With a dedicated UK-based team and insights gained from collaborating with renowned industry leaders, we ensure that all our products, manufactured in the UK, adhere to the highest standards. A to Z Pure Health stands out for its core values of honesty, transparency, and trust, earning the satisfaction of hundreds of happy customers daily. As part of the Bigvits family, our products are meticulously sourced, procured, and manufactured to deliver the utmost in safety and efficacy. Quality is paramount, and we take rigorous steps to guarantee it at every stage. Our accurately labeled products reflect our commitment to supporting your health and well-being. Choose A to Z Pure Health, our in-house brand, for an affordable, top-quality option in the world of vitamins and supplements.



BIOVEA, a trusted name in the health and beauty industry since 2001. They are a leading manufacturer, distributor, and online retailer of premium health and beauty products. With millions of satisfied customers worldwide, BIOVEA has earned a stellar reputation for their commitment to service, reliability, and quality. At Bigvits, we are proud to feature BIOVEA's extensive range of innovative products designed to promote healthy living. Whether you're seeking supplements, skincare, or beauty essentials, BIOVEA offers a wide selection to meet your needs. Explore our BIOVEA collection and experience top-quality health and beauty solutions.


At Bigvits, we proudly offer products from Bluebonnet Nutrition. Headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, Bluebonnet stands at the forefront of the nutritional supplements industry. With a steadfast commitment to purity, natural ingredients, and efficacy, Bluebonnet has earned its reputation as a trusted provider of vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements, all aimed at enhancing holistic health and well-being. The brand's exceptional quality has been consistently recognized, receiving the prestigious WholeFoods Magazine Natural Choice Awards for the best full supplement line on five occasions. Bigvits is delighted to bring Bluebonnet Nutrition's premium products to you, to support your journey towards a healthier, more vibrant life.


Carlson Labs

Carlson Labs Nutritional Supplements, chosen by bigvits as a leading supplier stems from our commitment to providing top-tier health solutions to our customers. Since 1965, Carlson Labs has exemplified excellence and innovation in creating vitamins, omega-3s, and nutritional supplements. Being family-owned, founded by Susan Carlson and still led by her daughters to this day, the brand aligns with our values of trust and reliability. Their dedication to quality, sustainability, and a net-zero plastic footprint resonates with our mission to offer products that prioritize health worldwide. With Carlson's rich history, outstanding certifications, and contributions to a cleaner planet, we proudly present their line, knowing it reflects our ethos of holistic well-being. Buy Carlson Labs vitamins today.

ChildLife Essentials

At Bigvits, we proudly offer ChildLife Essentials as a cornerstone brand, chosen for its alignment with our commitment to children's health. Founded by Dr. Murray Clarke, a holistic pediatrician, the brand's expertise in naturopathic, homeopathic, and Chinese medicine ensures safe and effective formulations. ChildLife Essentials' dedication to purity, stringent quality standards, and allergen-free products resonates with our values, making it a trusted partner in promoting long-term child wellness. With a mission extending beyond supplements, their commitment to environmental responsibility and social impact perfectly complements our vision for a healthier future. Choose ChildLife Essentials for premium, natural supplements that prioritize your child's well-being.


Country Life

Bigvits proudly offers the many holistic wellness solutions of Country Life, a brand that champions your body's unique wisdom. Their range of natural-sourced products, from vitamins to skincare, is underpinned by ethical sourcing and rigorous quality assurance. With NSF-GMP and USDA Organic certifications, their commitment to cleanliness and quality is unwavering. In-house manufacturing ensures freshness, consistency, and accuracy in every product. Explore their line for trusted, authentic, and quality-driven products.

Doctor's Best

Bigvits are proud to introduce you to Doctor's Best, a brand dedicated to creating a healthier world filled with thriving families, positivity, and happiness. Founded by a physician in 1990, they set out with a vision to develop research-backed nutritional supplements. Today, with over 30 years of experience, Doctor's Best remains committed to their science-based approach to nutrition. They source top-quality ingredients and collaborate with industry-leading manufacturers to produce supplements that enhance people's well-being. At Bigvits, we gladly offer Doctor's Best's science-driven solutions for a healthier lifestyle.



Enzymedica is America's leading brand in digestive enzymes.


Discover Foligain, a brand that's been disrupting the hair care industry since 2008. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, they are dedicated to providing innovative, high-performance hair care formulas trusted by millions in over 45 countries. Foligain's mission is clear: to deliver thicker and healthier-looking hair for both men and women. Their award-winning Trioxidil® Hair Care products underwent rigorous clinical studies, showcasing remarkable results. With a focus on purity and potency, Foligain combines advanced science and clinically proven ingredients to offer consistently reliable and visible results. At Bigvits, we proudly offer Foligain's cutting-edge solutions for youthful, vibrant hair.


Health Thru Nutrition

Health Thru Nutrition (HTN) has been on a mission for over 40 years: to empower individuals to lead healthier, more informed lives. They achieve this by offering clinically validated, high-quality nutrition products and serving as a trusted source of nutrition information. HTN's core values of Safety, Integrity, Transparency, and Quality, coupled with their team of clinicians, pharmacists, and industry leaders, drive them to provide effective health-span solutions. With several certifications in Good Manufacturing Practices, HTN ensures the highest quality and purity in their products. At Bigvits, we proudly offer Health Thru Nutrition's superior health supplements, backed by decades of expertise.

Healthy Origins

As their exclusive UK and European distributor, we are proud to bring you Healthy Origins' trusted product range, designed to exceed expectations and support your wellbeing. For over 20 years, Healthy Origins has been committed to delivering premium quality supplements sourced from reputable suppliers worldwide. Their products feature patented, branded ingredients backed by scientific research and clinical studies. With a mission to provide customers with a Healthy Value from Reliable Origins, Healthy Origins stands out with carefully selected formulations and a dedication to transparency and purity.


Jarrow Formulas

At Jarrow Formulas®, they're on a mission to promote optimal health through their commitment to high-quality, effective, and affordable dietary supplements. Founded in 1977 by Jarrow L. Rogovin, their journey began with a commitment to innovative and effective formulations. Today, with over 40 years of experience and 30+ awards, they offer hundreds of nutritional products, backed by rigorous scientific research. Their team of dedicated scientists and health professionals actively participates in clinical studies, collaborating with global researchers. Jarrow Formulas® is more than a supplement provider; they're a reliable source of information, striving to offer top-notch service and technical insights to consumers. By supporting scientific research and sponsoring studies on key products like Bone-Up®, Co-Q10 Ubiquinol, JarroSil®, and more, they ensure customers receive the full biological benefits of their offerings. As a trusted partner, Bigvits proudly provides Jarrow Formulas' superior, science-driven supplements.

Life Extension

At Bigvits, we proudly offer Life Extension's top-quality supplements, meticulously crafted with premium ingredients and backed by scientific research. Their commitment to purity, potency, and product quality aligns perfectly with our mission to support your health goals. With a rich history of innovation and hundreds of millions invested in research, Life Extension is dedicated to helping you lead a healthier life. Explore our selection of Life Extension supplements today and embark on a path to better well-being.


Mary Ruth

We're proud to feature MaryRuth's Organics, a brand deeply rooted in the passion and dedication of MaryRuth Ghiyam, a Certified Health Educator, Nutritional Consultant, and Culinary Chef. Inspired by personal tragedy and a commitment to promoting wellness, MaryRuth embarked on a mission to harness the power of nutrition for healthier, longer lives. Her journey led to the creation of a diverse product line, including liquid supplements, probiotics, capsules, gummy vitamins, and skincare. MaryRuth's belief in health as a cornerstone of a fulfilling life drives her brand's commitment to accessible wellness, using non-GMO, plant-based, vegan ingredients and crafting products that empower individuals to take control of their health. We stand by MaryRuth's mission, offering these exceptional products to support your own wellness journey, so you can aspire to and achieve your dreams


At Bigvits, we proudly offer Natrol, a trusted name in supplements and the #1 drug-free sleep aid brand in America. Established in 1980, Natrol has evolved into a renowned leader in the Vitamin, Mineral, and Supplement category. They are pioneers in formulating food into medicinal supplements, enhancing overall health and wellness. Committed to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Natrol's extensive quality assurance program ensures safe and effective products that comply with FDA regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices. Discover Natrol's innovative supplements at Bigvits and improve your well-being today.


Nature's Answer

At Bigvits, we proudly feature Nature's Answer, a family-owned-and-operated business that has been a beacon of quality in the natural products industry since 1972. Nature's Answer was founded with a mission to provide high-quality herbal extracts and nutritional products that support healthy lifestyles. Their unwavering commitment to purity and manufacturing excellence spans nearly five decades, ensuring customers receive the finest natural supplements. With FDA registration and pharmaceutical licensing, Nature's Answer's dedication to quality is upheld through three generations of the D'Amelio family. Explore their exceptional herbal extracts and nutritional offerings at Bigvits and experience the legacy of excellence.

Nature's Way

At Bigvits, we proudly feature Nature's Way, a pioneer in herbal medicines and supplements for over 50 years. Nature's Way's commitment to quality and harnessing the power of nature has made them a trusted name in the health and wellness industry. Founded in 1968 by Tom Murdock, Nature's Way emerged from his quest to improve his wife's health using the healing knowledge of native plants. Today, Nature's Way continues to blend traditional herbal wisdom with modern scientific research, offering a unique range of dietary supplements that cater to both traditional and evidence-based preferences. At Bigvits, we share their dedication to enhancing health, making Nature's Way products an essential part of our selection.



Neocell are a renowned collagen and beauty-boosting supplement brand, committed to enhancing your natural radiance from within. Neocell has been a trusted collagen expert since 1998, dedicated to illuminating your beauty through scientifically backed formulations. We resonate with Neocell's empowering philosophy that beauty is innate, residing within every individual's unique essence. Instead of concealing, Neocell encourages revealing and activating your inner beauty by boosting collagen—a sentiment that aligns seamlessly with our commitment to holistic well-being.

Newton Everett

At Bigvits, we proudly feature Newton Everett, a Phoenix-based company committed to quality since 2003. Their innovative nutraceuticals, designed for an active and healthy lifestyle, address various health concerns, including joint health with their standout product, Superflex. Superflex Joint Care Products contain glucosamine and other key ingredients to significantly improve joint comfort, mobility, and flexibility. Manufactured in GMP and FDA certified facilities in the USA, Newton Everett maintains an unwavering commitment to quality, rigorously testing their products for purity. Discover their dedication to enhancing lives and supporting well-being, available through Bigvits.


Nordic Naturals

At Bigvits, we proudly present Nordic Naturals, a brand rooted in Arctic Norway's health traditions. Founded by CEO Joar Opheim in 1995, Nordic Naturals was born from Joar's determination to share the pure, fresh omega-3 nutrients found in Norwegian cod liver oil with the world. Committed to making the world's safest and most effective nutrients accessible to all, their journey began with a vision of generations of healthy, happy people. Nordic Naturals' dedication to quality, sustainability, and innovation has revolutionized the omega-3 industry, offering products that cater to a wide audience, including children, seniors, athletes, and even pets. They continually explore new frontiers, crafting unique formulations of nutrients like curcumin and probiotics, all rigorously tested for purity and environmental sustainability. Experience Nordic Naturals' commitment to health at Bigvits.

NOW Foods

Bigvits proudly offers NOW Foods as a cornerstone of our vitamin and supplement selection. We've chosen NOW Foods for their unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability in the natural products industry, aligning perfectly with our commitment to providing our customers with the best. With over 50 years of experience, NOW is a family-owned brand, a founding supporter of the Vitamin Angels, and a trusted name in health and wellness, offering a diverse range of supplements, including USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified options. We believe in their mission to empower healthier lives and value their extensive line of products, making them an essential part of our offerings to cater to our customers' diverse wellbeing needs. 



Nutrex Hawaii is an indispensable part of Bigvits' extensive range of health and wellness brands, founded in the stunning locale of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, in 1990 by the esteemed Dr. Gerald Cysewski, a pioneer in microalgae and carotenoid research. At Bigvits, we're committed to offering our customers the very best, and Nutrex Hawaii aligns perfectly with our ethos of premium quality and natural goodness. Their exceptional products, including Hawaiian Spirulina and BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin, harness the power of Hawaii's abundant sunlight, pure deep ocean water, and pristine aquifer-derived fresh water to create superior supplements. Nutrex Hawaii's devotion to quality, sustainability and the environment makes them an integral part of our supplement selection.


At Bigvits, we're proud to introduce Optimox Corporation, founded by Dr. Guy Abraham in 1978. Dr. Abraham, a renowned researcher in nutrition, chemistry, and biochemistry with a focus on minerals like iodine, magnesium, gold, and silver, dedicated his life to improving health through science-based supplements. His groundbreaking work led to the development of Iodoral®, a high-potency iodine/potassium iodide supplement, and other nutritional formulas. Dr. Abraham's legacy emphasizes the importance of orthoiodo-supplementation and magnesium in a complete nutritional program. Explore Optimox's unique and evidence-based products at Bigvits.


Planetary Herbals

At Bigvits, we're excited to introduce Planetary Herbals, a brand rooted in centuries of herbal wisdom. Their products are a fusion of Ayurvedic, traditional Chinese, and Western herbal traditions, combined with cutting-edge clinical research. Founded on the expertise of herbalists like Michael Tierra, Lesley Tierra, Jill Stansbury, and Alan Tillotson, Planetary Herbals aims to promote holistic health rather than quick fixes. They offer Full Spectrum singles meticulously crafted according to both ancient and modern principles, prioritizing top-notch raw materials, personal empowerment in self-healing, environmental consciousness, and education. Join us in embracing the rich heritage of herbalism with Planetary Herbals.

Source Naturals

Bigvits proudly offers Source Naturals, a trailblazing brand that has been leading the Wellness Revolution since its inception in 1982. Founded by CEO Ira Goldberg, Source Naturals' mission revolves around supporting individuals in achieving optimal health. They pioneered the concept of combining numerous nutrients, herbs, and nutraceuticals into a single formulation, setting the standard with their industry-leading immune support product, Wellness Formula®. With a portfolio of award-winning formulas, Source Naturals remains at the forefront of nutritional innovation. Their Bio-Aligned Formulas® align with the body's needs, addressing underlying causes of system imbalances through scientifically validated nutrients and research-backed potencies. At Bigvits, we resonate with Source Naturals' commitment to wellness, quality, and advocacy for a holistic approach to health.



Bigvits proudly offers Swanson Health, a brand with a 50-year legacy committed to enhancing wellness. Swanson Health's journey began in 1969, sparked by a passion to provide pure and potent health solutions for people worldwide. Originating in Fargo, North Dakota, this mission grew from a desire to alleviate joint pain and evolved into a lifelong commitment to natural well-being. Over time, Swanson Health has continually innovated science-backed vitamins, supplements, and more, aligning with their unwavering dedication to vitality and health. Their focus on quality control is paramount, with products meticulously tested at every stage, ensuring that what's on the label matches what's in the bottle. Discover Swanson Health at Bigvits, where we offer their top-quality supplements and embrace their enduring legacy of promoting a healthier life.


Thorne’s ambition is to empower their customers to improve and extend their health span through testing, teaching, and transforming health, so they can prevent adverse chronic health conditions before they begin.

As people seek new ways to optimize health and fuel their personal resiliency, Thorne is there to help them achieve their goals.

From health tests to advanced nutritional formulas, Thorne can redefine what it means to live healthy.


Trace Minerals

For more than 50 years, Trace Minerals have been dedicated to researching data, harvesting minerals, promoting awareness and formulating best-in-class products because they’re passionate in their mission to help remineralize the world. Due to mineral depletion in soils, crops, and water filtering, the majority of people are deficient in essential minerals. This deficiency affects various aspects of well-being, including physical performance, sleep quality, and everyday feelings.  

By providing products that contain a concentrated blend of ionic trace minerals, such as their flagship product ConcenTrace®, Trace Minerals aims to create a solid foundation of essential trace minerals to support daily health and well-being. These minerals not only provide the body with what it needs but also enhance the absorption of other nutrients and vitamins consumed. Starting each day with trace minerals is a proactive approach that can have a significant impact on overall health and vitality.