When we hear the mention of Vitamin K many people will initially think about the injections offered to new born babies to reduce the likelihood bleeding problems that occurs during the first few days of life. The more nutrient savvy reader will also know that Vitamin K plays a role in osteoporosis and coronary heart disease1, with recommendations for supplementation when individuals are supplementing with Vitamin D2.

We asked “Why is our Vitamin K status of interest now?”

Dr Shane Thurlow’s answer:

Since improved outcomes in patients with higher Vitamin K status has been reported in patients with COVID-19.

A new study (preprint) by Dofferhoff and colleagues analysed data on patients who were admitted to the Canisius Wilhelmina hospital in the Dutch city of Nijmegen (specifics of the study can be found here).

Prof. Schurgers (one of the study authors) highlights the importance of the findings and states that, “While we do not suggest vitamin K2 is a treatment for COVID-19, this study illustrates that a poor vitamin K status is linked to poor prognosis. Thus, hypothesising that improving vitamin K2 status is linked to better health outcomes including cardiovascular, and perhaps even lung health.”

What can we do?

Bacteria in a healthy intestine can synthesise Vitamin K, whilst Natto (fermented soya bean) and green leafy vegetables would be our best food sources. Furthermore, supporting and ensuring optimal levels can be achieved through prudent supplementation.

Ideally, Healthy Origins K2 contains the MK-7 (menaquinone) form which has been shown to metabolise slower, allowing for a more consistent supply of Vitamin K for the body.

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