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BigVits Frequently Asked Questions

Best Before Dates

We have been asked dozens of times about expiry dates. As a result we have specifically asked our manufacturer brands how we should interpret this expression.

The enlightenment we have received from the manufacturer brands is as follows...

The BEST BEFORE date shown on a product is the date the manufacturer estimates the product will still be in Its most potent, or peak, strength. After this time you may start to experience some gentle reduction as to potency.

Unlike fresh foods such as milk or meat, where an "expiry" date is often important, the best before date for vitamins and supplements is when a fading of potency may start.

For clarification as to origin of this opinion, our manufacturers/suppliers are probably the top 6 brand names in America and BigVits is an approved/appointed distributor for UK/EU.

So, when you see BigVits offering Promotions of "short dated" items, it means you are being offered a large price reduction for the occasional items which we have that are less than our normal targetted dates.

Consequently, these are huge bargains and you will see that, as promotions, they sell out very fast. Indeed.

Customs & Import Regulations in your Country

Items shipped outside of the United Kingdom are on the understanding that the customer has investigated the import regulations of their country and are requesting products, sizes, quantities and values which fall within the regulations of the county to which they request their order to be sent.

If any package is rejected by the import authorities of the receiving country, the customer will be responsible for any loss or costs incurred.


Dispatch is targeted as the same day for all orders received before 2:30pm (98.6% achieved) or the next business day. BigVits dispatch operations normally work 6 days per week but do not work on Bank Holidays. In the unlikely event that BigVits will not be able to dispatch an order within 4 working days, if this ever becomes apparent, you will be immediately contacted by email and offered a full refund. All shipping is charged as per shipping weights shown in the cart and as displayed on individual item listings. See the section on 'Shipping & Delivery' for up-to-date information on weights, costs and shipping methods. Shipping prices are charged at the cost price of the Postal/Carrier service chosen plus VAT. Currently BigVits customers are not normally charged any contribution towards packaging or dispatch fees. Please Note: Many vitamin tubs will not easily fit through letter boxes and it is the responsibility of the customer to give a satisfactory delivery address where delivery can be accepted. All postal items are shipped with a Royal Mail Certificate of Proof of Posting.

Delivery Delay or Lost Items

BigVits are unable to guarantee the delivery time of Postal/Carrier services as this is out of their control. If there is any delay or problems with the delivery of your goods, BigVits will supply a copy of the "Certificate (proof) of Posting" but beyond that, BigVits are unable to accept any responsibility for delays or loss caused by the Royal Mail until the Royal Mail's "claims waiting time" has expired.

For domestic UK post, this is currently 15 working days beyond dispatch date. That is 3 weeks after shipping before BigVits are able to make any claim against the Royal Mail on your behalf. For domestic orders, on your part, if your items have not been received within 7 days, please contact your local postal delivery depot to check that your postman has not forgotten to leave a "while you were out card" and then, if your order has still not arrived after 4 weeks, notify BigVits who will make a claim on your behalf and replace or refund your order as appropriate.

In the case of couriers, they will not leave a package without a signature of the recipient. Consequently, it makes sense to give an address where you know someone will be available to accept delivery. Don't forget, your adjescent houses may be good, even your local "corner shop", as long as you have agreed it with them first.

If a delivery is attempted by a courier to your given address and there is no-one there, you must urgently follow their delivery failure instruction card or they may return the package which would cause you extra costs.

Non arrival of your package must be notified to BigVits within 5 weeks after order date to be valid.

Practitioner Support

As UK and/or EU distributors of 6 of the major American Brands, BigVits are particularly geared to give a fast turn-a-round and specialist service for practitioners and resellers who like to keep a limited range of stock for their clients. Indeed, why let your clients pay high street prices for products of dubious origin when you can supply them with top American brands at much better prices. With 1400 different Products in stock and a further 5000 in the BigVits Distributor catalogue, there is certain to be products available to suit every client profile.

Everyone benefits both financially and in product quality! Use the "contact us" page to tell BigVits briefly your situation and requirements and you will automatically be allocated a personal contact who will be there for you when needed and who will explain an easy ordering system at prices that will make your day! Please allow 24 hours during the normal working week for a reply although you will usually be contacted much sooner.

Pricing & Payment

All payments are required in £ (Pounds) Sterling. Accepted methods of payment are detailed at the checkout. These include MasterCard, Visa and Paypal. Other methods of payment may be made available in certain circumstances but must be agreed before purchase by contacting info@BigVits.co.uk Prices displayed on the BigVits website will be the prices charged while stocks last. BigVits reserve the right to change prices without notice.

Trade Accounts

Please use "contact us" with brief details of your requirements and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

About This Site

The BigVits site was created by experts who were given a simple brief: Make shopping with BigVits an easy and enjoyable experience, make it easy to navigate and forgiving to mistakes.

Be assured, the BigVits site is totally secure. When it comes to payment, for just a few seconds, you are transferred to the credit card people. They take your details and then hand you back to At no time do BigVits see more than the last 4 digits of you credit card number.

As you become more familiar with the site, you will discover many helpful features. For example, you can save any number of favourites lists which you can name yourself, "Gran's Joints", "Dad's Cholesterol" or "Daily Vits for the family" . These can then be picked up, modified if required and - one click re-ordered.

Don't hesitate to experiment, you can't do any damage and for security, you will always be asked to confirm your identity before your order is placed.

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