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Vitamin D: Supporting Whole Body Health – Why and What should I take?

Summary: The value and benefit of vitamin D has not always been a hot topic in the general media. However, during this year with the focus on COVID-19, supporting our immune systems and minimising our risks, there has been much interest. It is reported that vitamin D sufficiency increases resistance to viral infections and helps […]

What supplements do I need in pregnancy?

Getting pregnant can be an overwhelming experience. Above everything, you want to make the right decisions that will allow your baby to grow healthily. Eating a variety of nutritious foods is especially important when you are pregnant because the food you eat will provide the nutrients your baby needs. You can get most of what […]

Hay Fever and Supplements

It’s that time of year again, the flowers are starting to bloom, the trees are blossoming, I am sneezing, itching my eyes and feeling bunged up. Hay fever season has started! Many people relate hay fever to the summer months and seeing the rape (yellow flowers) in the field, however it can start early March […]