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What supplements do I need in pregnancy?

Getting pregnant can be an overwhelming experience. Above everything, you want to make the right decisions that will allow your baby to grow healthily. Eating a variety of nutritious foods is especially important when you are pregnant because the food you eat will provide the nutrients your baby needs. You can get most of what […]

Vitamin recommendations for new Mums and Babies

As a mother of 3 who breast fed I understand the trails and tribulations as well as the rewards that come with breast feeding. This weekend is the “global BIG latch on”. I am not here to argue for or against, however highlight the recommendations linked to support mothers and babies wellbeing and health regardless […]

Five ways to help prevent hair loss

We naturally lose up to 80 hairs each day, but when new hair growth doesn’t replace what falls out the scalp becomes visible. Hair loss affects 30% of women and 60% of men. It’s not dangerous or harmful but it can be upsetting and knock your confidence. Re-growing hair really depends on the root cause […]