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Regarding NEW Developments in Norway.


16th November 2015


We are delighted to announce that the Norwegian Government has now "U" turned on the new regulations and ALL our Norwegian customers are again allowed to buy Vitamins and Supplements as allowed before the September 30th Changes.

We are able to send orders of up to 350 NOK per order (including postage). But there is no restriction as to the number of orders. (350 NOK = £26 at 16-11-2015)

All orders received before 2:30pm UK time will be shipped the same day.

Remember that Vitamin D-3 10,000iu will not be allowed.


The link kindly sent from one of our customers...  Please look at: dagbladet.no/2012/11/16/nyheter/kostilskudd/vitaminer/import/41983983/






These were the original messages which no longer apply.....................................

At BigVits we had hoped that by now, the Norwegian Authorities would have cleared their backlog and sorted out the consequences of their apparent “Ultra Short Notice” change in regulations.

Since we were first informed of these changes by a number of our Norwegian customers on 23rd September we have been working hard to try to give as best service as we could in the light of what information we had.

For the first 24 hours the information we were receiving from our Norwegian customers was very much appreciated, but, was very contradictory and in some cases very confusing. As a consequence, BigVits did two things.

1. The message which every customer from Norway sees alongside the shopping cart was updated for the circumstances BUT it was felt necessary to draw particular attention to our terms and conditions relating to export sales. These T&Cs have applied for 7 years, but we didn’t want there to be any risk that our customers did not understand the situation. As you will appreciate, it is impossible for us to take responsibility for changes in regulations in 23 different languages in Europe alone – thus we have always had to make a “condition of supply” that the customer has checked their own import regulations  and they are prepared to accept any losses or costs resulting from their import regulations being applied.

2. We decided to send out to all Norwegian customers an email giving them as much information as we had at the time.

As time passed, it was apparent that the majority of our Norwegian customers had decided to make other arrangements for their Vitamins and Supplements, presumably deciding to buy locally. Those who continued to buy from BigVits and take the risks of delays or losses, we continued to supply.

During the last two weeks we have been very busy trying to find out as much as possible as to the correct situation and what the details were (we would be prepared to have new products made for the Norwegian market if we could be sure of the regulations the Government was applying. This still isn’t certain). We also have been unable to get a full answer as to the timescale and actions the customs were going to apply. Indeed, we still have not been able to get an accurate answer to any of these questions which hasn’t been contradicted within hours.

We are sincerely sorry that our customers in Norway are having such a difficult time and we will try to work closely with everyone to try to get a result.

We will be sending out an email in the next few days with more information, including the considerable number of opinions that the Norwegian Government is acting against the law and is in breach of international treaties. The contacts for people who are aware of action groups and the forthcoming rally in opposition to the government’s actions next week with already 18,000 reported to be attending.

So, in summary, we have done everything we can to help, and will continue to try to help. Unfortunately, the worst scenarios seem to be happening in all cases. From our point of view, we wish we could help further but you will understand that with the difficulties of trying to interpret the Norwegian language, we have had no alternative but to warn our customers of the situation and to leave them to take the decisions and risks.

8th October. We are now being informed that Norwegian customs are now classifying all imports as illegal and threatening to destroy packages. In the light of this we are stopping accepting any further orders from Norway until we can produce new products for the Norway market. Again these will be top quality & much cheaper than currently on the market in Norway. Expected timescale = 2 Months. Any imput as to your most important products will be appreciated and we will try to prioritise.

Dont forget that we will send to Sweden "Poste Restante", and you can arrange for orders to be sent to "outside of Norway" addresses for you if you are traveling. 

Our Best Regards,

The BigVits Team



Links to petition against the ban sent to BigVits 14/10/2015  - Please support this group and all others. Are you going to the demonstration on Saturday? - please attend if you can.

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